Super Hot Sauces

Below is all our Special Super Hot Sauce in the El Machete Lineup!

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Momotaro Scorpion

This Umami bomb is made with locally sourced ingredients: Japanese Momotaro Tomato, Peach, Fermented Miso Pastes, raisins, and ripe Red Chile Serranos.

This Sauce also contains Netherland-grown super hot Chocolate Scorpion Peppers.

Put this super hot on seafood, ceviche, pasta dishes, pizza, michelada, marinades, other sauces, dips, and more.

California Gold Scorpion

Like our classic C.A. Gold, this special Hot Sauce has the Rich & Mild Sweetness from our Yellow Tomatoes, Carrots, California-grown Golden Raisins, Miso Paste, and with the added fire power of Netherland-grown Yellow Scorpion Peppers.

Cherry Bomb

This special Sauce is fruit forward with a combination of Dark Cherries, locally farm-grown California Raisins. Netherland-grown Chocolate Ghost Peppers, and fermented non-GMO Miso Paste.

Perfect for anyone who enjoys a rich & hot flavor bomb.

Pluot Scorpion

This special Red Sauce is boldly fruit forward with a combination of Pluot (Plum - Apricot), locally farm-grown California Golden Raisins. Netherland-grown Red Scorpion Peppers, and fermented non-GMO Miso Paste.

Perfect for anyone who enjoys a rich & hot flavor bomb.


“In the Maya world, death was a crisis. Royal tombs were constructed by the Maya as a desperate attempt to forestall this horror by ritually ensuring their king’s triumph over death and darkness. At Palenque, and in numerous other Maya centers, the ultimate expression of this ability to escape the harrowing of the underworld was the World Tree. It was the central focus of the Maya’s journey into the afterlife and the principal token of the power to overcome death.

This new Hot Sauce has the famous Carolina Reaper Pepper, as well as Yellow Ghost, & Red Serrano.

Panthera Escorpión